Amazon Delivery Franchise: Amazon Franchise Cost and Profit Margin


Amazon Delivery Franchise

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Amazon Delivery Franchise. Nowadays, there are lots of package delivery companies working in India and other countries. Among all of them, Amazon delivery is the only company that delivers packages in all countries. 

There is mostly every type of product available on Amazon. So, because of it, Amazon gets lots of orders per single day which was not easy to deliver at the exact time by the normal delivery companies. By taking a look at this platform, Amazon started its own Amazon courier delivery to deliver packages to customers in a short time. 

If any customer is an amazon prime member, then he or she can get amazon packages instantly. Amazon Courier Franchise is the best business opportunity for people who like to manage and run delivery businesses. 

So, In this guide, we will share the complete process to get an Amazon logistics Franchise. If you are really interested in this business, then read this guide carefully. 

How To Get An Amazon Delivery Franchise?

When Amazon gets the orders after launching its own Amazon delivery company, then it starts delivering 60% of its products on its own.  Now it is also providing one-day delivery to the customers. 

If you are looking to get an Amazon logistics Franchise, then it is the best time to grab the opportunity. By opening your own Amazon delivery store, you can earn a good amount of profit every month. 

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What Are The Important Parts Of The Amazon Delivery Franchise?

There are lots of things that are required to get an Amazon courier franchise.

  1. Workers Required: You must hire at least 10 to 12 workers for the Amazon courier franchise.
  2. Space Required: There is a need for good working space in which you have to make an office and a working area. 
  3. Documents Required: You must arrange some documents to Apply For Amazon Delivery Franchise. 
  4. Equipment Required: You need to buy some equipment like vehicles, printers, stationery products, scanners, stickers, etc.
  5. Required Investment Amount: As you know, any business can’t be possible without investing some money. So, you need to invest a minimum of 5 lakh rupees to open an Amazon logistics Franchise. 

What Is The Investment For Amazon Delivery Franchise?

In this section, we will talk about amazon’s Delivery Franchise Investment. There are lots of investments in the Amazon delivery business. Like if you have your own land space and want to open an Amazon logistics Franchise, then your investment cost will be cut down. Buying land and setting up everything from scratch to open an Amazon logistics store costs so much investment. 

If you don’t have your own land, then you can choose a rented space at a good location in between the market. But, pay some security fees and monthly bills to the land owner. You also have to pay some Franchise fees to Amazon Delivery company.

There are some investments that are necessary to open an Amazon logistics franchise. 

  • Land Area cost: Rs. 25 lahks to 35 lahks approx.
  • Office cost: Rs. 8 lahks to 10 lahks approx.
  • Salary of Staff: Rs. 85 thousand to 2 lakh approx.
  • Franchise Cost: Rs. 6 to 12 lakh approx.
  • Other expenses: Rs. 15 lacks to 20 lacks approx.

Total Investment Amount: Rs. 30 lahks to 40 lahks approx.

How Much Staff Is Required In Amazon Delivery Franchise?

You have to hire lots of staff for different kinds of work in the Amazon Delivery Franchise. Hire the staff for work like a manager, sales consultant, sales coordinator, supervisor, technicians, service advisor, workshop manager, salesperson, store in charge, etc. It would be best if you had the staff for all these works while opening the Amazon Delivery Franchise. 

Area Required For Amazon Delivery Franchise

You need to know the amount of space or land area which is compulsory for an amazon logistics franchise.  Make sure you have selected a land area at a good location near the market or populated place. So, delivering the products to nearby locations will be easy for you. You have to arrange a space for a working office, space for keeping packages, and some area for vehicles.

When you manage to arrange enough space for all the necessary things, then you can easily set up an Amazon Delivery Franchise store. 

There are some ideas of space that are necessary for the Amazon delivery store. 

  • Lounge Area: 1500 square feet to 2000 square feet
  • Parking Space: 200 square feet to 250 square feet
  • Working Area: 2500 square feet to 3000 square feet
  • Space for Truck loading and unloading: 250 square feet to 350 square feet

Total Space Required: 4000 square feet to 5000 square feet

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What Are The Documents Required For The Amazon Delivery Franchise?

You have to arrange the necessary documents that we listed below to apply for Amazon Logistics Franchise.

Personal Document

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Voter Card
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Bank passbook
  • Account number
  • 6 passport-size photographs
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • GST certificate number
  • Financial documents

Property Document

  • Lease Agreement Papers of land area
  • No objection certificate
  • All types of property document

How Do Apply For Amazon Delivery Franchise?

You can apply for an Amazon Courier Franchise by using both offline and online methods. We are sharing below the method of the Amazon Delivery Franchise Online Application. So, you can follow the methods and steps to easily apply online for an amazon franchise. 

If you want to apply offline for an Amazon logistics Franchise, you can contact customer care support through the helpline number we listed below.

Apply Online for Amazon Delivery Franchise

Follow these steps for an amazon logistics franchise India online application.

  1. Go to the official website of Amazon.
  2. Now go to the homepage of the Amazon website.
  3. On the below section of the homepage, you will get an Apply option. 
  4. Select the Apply button and then a page will open on the screen.
  5. Select and click create an Account button.
  6. After clicking, again a new page will open on your screen.
  7. Now enter your email id create a password and create an account.
  8. After successfully creating the account, click on the Apply option again. 
  9. Now you have to choose the city or area where you want to open an Amazon Logistics Franchise.
  10. After choosing the city, a new form will open. 
  11. Now fill in all your details in the form carefully.
  12. After filling out the form successfully, click on the submit button. 
  13. After clicking, your online application for the Amazon logistics Franchise will be successful. 

There is another option to apply for an amazon logistics franchise through the offline method. In the next section, we are going to share the Amazon customer care Number. 

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Amazon Delivery Franchise Contact Number

When you face any kind of difficulties in getting an Amazon delivery dealership, then you can contact customer care support through the number listed below.

Amazon Franchise contact number

1800 3000 9009


Now you know about the application process for Amazon Delivery Franchise. As we know, there are lots of customers who buy products daily from online websites. So, it is necessary for Amazon to deliver all the orders at the estimated time to get trusted by the customers.

When you get an Amazon Logistics Franchise, you will surely earn a good amount of money every month. All the setup and work training will be provided by Amazon. You just need to arrange space and make some investments for store setup and buying vehicles for the Amazon Courier Franchise. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and get valuable information about Amazon Delivery Distributorship. Share this article with your friends and family and help us in promoting the website.

Amazon Delivery Franchise

People Also Ask

Can I get an Amazon Logistics Franchise?

Amazon gives an opportunity to every person who is willing to get an Amazon courier franchise. 

How much profit can I get from the Amazon delivery franchise?

You can easily earn a good amount of profit from the Amazon courier franchise which will be around 50,000 to 2 lakh rupees per month.

What is the Amazon Franchise cost?

You need to invest a minimum of 1 lakh to 2 lakh rupees to get the Amazon Logistics Franchise.

Can I use my truck to work with Amazon?

Yes, you can use your truck or another vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon. It will help you to earn extra money.

Which is the best logistics franchise in India?

Among all courier companies, DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd. franchise is the best in India.

Is Investing in Amazon Delivery Franchises a Good decision?

We all know that the online market was drastically boosted when Amazon came into the market. There are millions of customers who buy products daily from Amazon. So, while helping Amazon to deliver packages through the Amazon delivery franchise to the customers in 3 days, you can earn a good profit. 

Can I start an Amazon business for free?

If you are a registered business owner, then you can use Amazon business for free. While for Amazon business prime, you need to pay at least $69 per year. 

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